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The Pintonello foundry was founded in 1968 by Mario Pintonello, entering the panorama of the time with the creation of articles for the furnishings of bronze, brass and aluminum.

In the following years, following the growing need for components for the industrial production of the companies present in the territory of the province of Padua, the company gradually increased its activity in the aluminum sector.

Now in its second generation, through the brothers Ivo and Orfeo Pintonello, the foundry consolidates production in the aluminum sector by equipping itself with tools that allow the fusion of parts of larger dimensions and in numerically greater quantities than in the past.

At the same time, the company opts for greater flexibility in order to expand its customers, making it able to produce articles of various types for multiple market sectors, thus managing to range from a range that ranges from a single detail to a hundred produced jets.

With the next generational step, the company takes a further step of growth through the development of production capacity and know-how through the acquisition of Alifond, a company with consolidated experience since 1985 in the non-ferrous material alloys sector, and the unification of the two production companies in the current factory in Peraga di Vigonza (PD).

Fonderie Pintonello srl intends to establish itself in the panorama of earth foundries making it a point of reference for its customers both as regards the different finishing needs of the commissioned articles and for the need to carry out sampling work, satisfying orders ranging from small lots up to a thousand units produced.

Company history and mission


Type and production capacity

The production capacity of the plants includes the following bracket light dimensions:

- 550 x 600 mm

- 640 x 490 mm

- 700 x 700 mm

- 1000 x 700 mm

- possibility of performing extra-measure productions for sampling and / or small batches


Alloys and working process

The alloys normally treated are EN AB 46400 Al Si 9 Cu 1 Mg - EN AB 43100 Al Si 10 Mg - EN AB 43300 Al Si 9 Mg - EN AB 42000 Al Si 7 Mg - EN AB 21000 Al Cu 4 Mg Ti - EN AW 6082 Al Si 1 Mg Mn anticorodal.

For the refining of the metal, master alloys Ti Bo and Sr are used according to the needs of the particular to be produced.

The metal purification process is carried out with suitable antioxidant purifying / purifying salts and degassing lance with pure nitrogen.

The sandblasting process for the finishing of the articles produced takes place with the use of C 040 stainless steel grit.

On specific customer requirements, it is possible to subject the castings to the tempering tempering treatment specific for the aluminum alloy used.

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